My work and interests revolves around the cultivation of fresh expressions on faith in the neighborhood.

I do this through multiple different contexts and capacities. These endeavors can be separated into four general categories. Below I have described the categories and provided examples with links (when available).


Local Church

Forming, cultivating, and supporting local place based faith communities is a central part of my work. Along with co-leading a faith community in our own parish. I support, encourage, and teach others how to do the same in their own contexts. I also help people connect spiritual practice/discipleship with their everyday life in their neighborhood.

My Work In This Area includes:

  • Cultivating a Local Faith Community (Coming Soon)

  • Spiritual Direction

  • Retreats


Neighborhood/City Work

Being active in and building organizations that help unite neighbors to work for the common good of our place is important. These associations can work in a varity of spaces including economics, food systems, and education.

My Work In This Area includes:


Community Development

Broken relationships. Divided communities. Poverty and violence exists in all neighborhoods . . . including mine. The good news is that God is working through us and others in our places to help restore things to the way they were intended to be and I am committed to working to see my neighbors and our community wholistically restored.

My Work In This Area includes:


Regional/National Work

Connecting, resourcing, and celebrating others who are doing similar work in their own neighborhoods is an important part of what I do. My hope and prayer is that I can help people follow Jesus into their neighborhood.

My Work In This Area includes:

  • Parish Collective

  • V3 Church Planting Network

  • Incarnational Church Coach/Catalyst

The fruits of your labors may be reaped two generations from now. Trust, even when you don’t see the results.
— Henri Nouwen