as a follower of the way and an apprentice of Jesus, my mission is simple: To love God with my whole heart and love my neighbor as my self. Join me on this Journey.

Hello! My name is Matthew Gillette. I am a 30 something follower of Jesus. I love my wife, our neighbors, and our city. Let me expand on that. My beautiful wife Abby and I live in Alexandria, VA. Where I am a neighbor, friend, missionary, practitioner, ordained minister, social activist, community organizer, and hopeful social entrepreneur.

I focus my energies and time on cultivating fresh expressions of faith in my neighborhood and other neighborhoods around my city, region, and the nation.

As the Executive Director and co-founder of Restore Alexandria, a small faith based community development nonprofit, I empower my neighbors and strengthen different communities and neighborhoods around the City of Alexandria using an asset based community development model.

As the Small Groups and A18 Director at National Community Church – Potomac Yard, I facilitate and steward our faith community’s inward community life and discipleship and our outward mission and service efforts. I am also the Virginia Area Director for both our Small Group and A18 Team.

As a regional connector with the Parish Collective, I help link expressions of the church in my region in order to weave together a fabric of love and care in our neighborhoods.

I also have the opportunity to be a pastor to the city, seek peace and justice for those around me, and be a catalyst for incarnational discipleship moments and new faith communities in and around the Metro DC area.

When I have some free time you might find my head in a book, in the kitchen, or out with my wife exploring our city on one of our “urban” hikes. I also keep myself busy by cheering on my favorite soccer teams, in the garden (I am a want-a-be farmer), listening to music, and sipping on some great peach ice tea.

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My deepest awareness of myself is that I am deeply loved by Jesus Christ and I have done nothing to earn it or deserve it.
— Brennan Manning